Télétravail et séminaires

In every room we have all equipment to work online, from Villa Sainte Anne.
Also, a vast working space is at your service on the 3rd floor, with 3 isolated areas :

chambre hote Gigondas espace coworking

Huddle room ofr video conference

At your service
Here you can use a large office desk, for 6 persons and the professional equipment for a video conference (monitor, camera, loudspeaker, microphone, sockets, cables).

Espace bureaux

Office area

At your service
2 office desks in your service

chambre hote Gigondas espace coworking detente


At your service
3 comfortable sofas are waiting for you to bring life to your amazing projects.

To book the space for your workshops,
Please contact us directly.

Villa Sainte Anne